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Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer Factory Recoil Spring - 2 Step and .22LR Conversion Kits

Sig Sauer factory replacement recoil spring for the .22LR conversion kits and the 2 Step P series guns with the .22LR slide assembly.

Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer P220 .22LR 10RD CONVERSION Magazine

10 round Factory Sig Sauer magazine to be used with the P220 .22LR conversion kit. Not compatible with European style heel magazine catch models.

Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer P226 .22LR 10RD CONVERSION Magazine

10 round Factory Sig Sauer magazine to be used with the P226 .22LR conversion kits.

Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer P228, P229 .22LR 10RD CONVERSION Magazine

10 round Factory Sig Sauer magazine to be used with the P228 and P229 .22LR conversion kit.

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22 Conversion Kits

With well-made 22 conversion kits from top manufacturers your handgun is almost like a two-in-one gun. The complete assembly kits convert your pistol to more economical .22LR ammunition and give the firearm fun-to-target-shoot status. You won’t need a gunsmith at your side to make the transformation. Remove the standard slide assembly and install the 22 conversion kit. Gun owners can make the switch easily and then load up the included magazine with .22LR ammunition of choice and start shooting for less. At Top Gun Supply, we carry the 22 kits from highest caliber of manufacturers and names trusted for safety, function, and durability. These popular handgun accessories are packed with target practice benefits. As you increase accuracy, you’ll also free up your firing time from expensive ammo limitations. Whether you need to improve a grip, trigger pull or another shooting skill, a conversion kit could help get you to your goal faster. Each of our kits comes with all the required parts for a conversion that temporarily alters your firearm.


As gun advancements continue, gun owners are introduced to accessories, such as the 22 conversion kits, that open up their shooting options without modifications. In addition to conversion kits, we specialize in caliber exchange kits for a variety of Sig Sauer models, from the P250 to P229. With a caliber exchange kit, your .22lr capabilities are expanded into the realm of 9mm, .40S&W, .357SIG or .45ACP. Also purchase conversion kits for the 1911 pistols that install in minutes, again with no modifications. Our gun conversion kits and the factory-made Sig Sauer conversion kits cover a broad collection of firearms capable of conversion.