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Just wanted to thank all the folks at Top Gun Supply! TGS is my first source when in need of Sig Sauer parts. I just recently purchased an X-Five and couldn't be more happy with the firearm and the level of service I got from Top Gun. Within a couple of hours of receiving my dealers FFL, I received an email notifying me it had shipped. This my friends is why I made the choice to buy from TGS. The great thing about this company is, you get the same level of service whether your buying one recoil spring or spending a couple grand on a firearm! The "thank you" written on all my receipts is a very nice touch. Thanks Top Gun Supply! regards, RJ

Glock Triggers/Trigger Bars

Glock Trigger w/Trigger Bar - G17,22,31,34,35
Glock Trigger w/Trigger Bar - G20,21
Glock Trigger w/Trigger Bar - G29,30
Glock Trigger w/Trigger Bar - G36
Glock Trigger w/Trigger Bar - G37

Quality Trigger Bars for Your Glock Gun

The Glock pistol is anything but conventional. So you will want to purchase the correct Glock Triggers for your firearm. Find triggers within our extensive list of pistol parts that are backed by rigorous standards and testing. All of our genuine Glock parts are factory manufactured for optimum performance. Take a look at the Glock smooth and serrated triggers which have been designated for use in specific gun models. The Glock trigger was introduced as a revolutionary, multi-function mechanism. When you pull the trigger, three pistol safeties are deactivated in sequence and then automatically reactivated upon release of the trigger. So your trigger needs to be in optimal working order at all times. You may have even chosen your Glock for its operational simplicity and consistent trigger pull. As you work on your pistol, use the Glock triggers that will maintain these characteristics, as well as its safe action features. Get a Glock trigger you can count on; order a factory part from Top Gun Supply.

Glock Trigger Bars Ensure Proper, Safe Action Performance

Reinstate your shooting superiority with our full selection of new, original Glock Trigger Bars. You can order a Glock trigger that comes with a matching trigger bar for parts that fit ideally with the design of these pistols. The factory Glock trigger set gives you dependable components that contribute to the “safe action” developed by the manufacturer. As you pull the trigger, three safety features are deactivated. When this occurs, the trigger bar is deflected downward by the connector and the firing pin is released. Ordering Glock trigger bars that are fresh from the factory will ensure proper pistol operation. Check us first for original pistol parts and accessories. We are your headquarters for everything Glock from barrels to Glock magazines.