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Glock Recoil Spring Assemblies

Special internal slide parts work in harmony with the Glock gun. Model specific Glock Recoil Spring Assemblies make sure the firearm cycles properly and feeds reliably while protecting your gun from damage caused by battering. These factory parts will ensure correct function and long lasting service life of your sidearm. Owners will appreciate having an integrated recoil spring that remains stable and strong, preventing jams. Stock recoil assemblies are the ones frequently chosen for use by Glock enthusiasts, including match competitors. This is because these parts have been developed to provide the right amount of “spring” for each model. You will want to check on the recommendations for changing out the Glock recoil spring assembly as a preventive measure that ensures reliable operation and guards against damage. That recommendation will be based on the number of rounds fired. Upon firing, the spring controls the slide as it recoils, protecting the frame. It then takes the slide forward, for a reload. A worn or weakened recoil spring may result in additional impact to the frame from the slide. Over time this also may negatively affect other parts.

There’s no need to fire rounds with a compromised assembly. We can get a new recoil spring assembly to you right away. Just as you care for your car, you’ll want to follow a regular maintenance schedule that may include replacement of parts. Protect your investment and guard equipment from potential damage with gun cleaning, inspections, and manufacturer recommended parts replacement. We recognize the value of gun maintenance is immeasurable for professionals who depend on their weapon in crucial situations. So we offer excellent customer service on products that help protect your gun, from parts to pistol rugs!