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Just wanted to thank all the folks at Top Gun Supply! TGS is my first source when in need of Sig Sauer parts. I just recently purchased an X-Five and couldn't be more happy with the firearm and the level of service I got from Top Gun. Within a couple of hours of receiving my dealers FFL, I received an email notifying me it had shipped. This my friends is why I made the choice to buy from TGS. The great thing about this company is, you get the same level of service whether your buying one recoil spring or spending a couple grand on a firearm! The "thank you" written on all my receipts is a very nice touch. Thanks Top Gun Supply! regards, RJ



Glock Plugs

Glock Grip Plugs in Stock

Get the add-on accessory that protects your valuable firearm! Glock Plugs snap on in seconds and shield the internal mechanisms of your Glock from dust, dirt, sand and contaminants. Frame plugs also help guide your gun magazine during reloads for faster changes, while providing a barrier of protection against the elements, including rain and snow. This means sensitive components are guarded. It’s no wonder Glock plugs are popular with law enforcement personnel who rely on the proper workings of their weapons day in and day out.

Glock Frame Plugs Snap on Securely in Seconds

Glock Frame Plugs are inexpensive accessories that deliver valuable benefits. These plugs help prevent failures caused by dirt reaching the inner parts of the handgun, such as the fire control mechanism. The space behind the magazine well often collects undesirable substances. A Scherer Slug Plug fills this opening of the frame. As the Glock frame plug holds back dampness and dirt, it also assists with rapid and positive mag changes. Once this accessory is in, it stays put. It’s the simplest and smartest installation you may ever do!

Make Parts Protection a Priority with Glock Grip Plugs

Experience the secure fit and multiple advantages of placing Glock Grip Plugs on your firearm. These inserts snap into the rear grip cavity and block lint, dust and debris from entering the grip frame. Our Glock grip plugs will fit the sub-compact, compact and full size Glock models. Once these plugs are on, the grip retains them. The sleek pistol look remains since the plug bonds with the magazine well. This helps the magazine function smoothly too. When pistol protection is a priority, grip plugs are a must-buy item. Look to us for great Glock accessories from sights to tactical lights.