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Glock Magazine Springs

Avoid feeding problems from magazine springs that are ready to retire from duty. Replace these worn parts with new Glock Magazine Springs. If your springs have lost their strength, you’ll notice reduced performance. This is a part where it can’t hurt to keep an extra on hand in case you notice feeding issues. New springs will reward you with improved magazine performance. If you’ve noticed a problem with all the rounds feeding, it could be due several reasons, including weakened springs. You can easily resolve this issue by replacing your tired springs with factory Glock magazine springs. It’s relatively fast to disassemble the magazine and change out the spring. New magazine springs will need to have an initial set. After this period, there will be the routine compression of the springs from loading and the normal release of unloading. Since the spring and follower are removed during cleaning, this is an optimal time to inspect the parts within the magazine. For Law Enforcement duty use weapons, replace them at least every year or sooner if you shoot often.

Glock Springs for Crucial Feeding Reliability

Magazine dependability is essential and in cases of self defense, crucial. Make sure you’re using Glock Springs with the tension to support mag reliability. If you shoot a lot in training, practice and on the job, you may see the effects on magazine springs over time. Shooting thousands of rounds could lead to spring fatigue. Sure, you can own a Glock for years, and the springs will stay strong. However, since Glock springs for magazines are inexpensive, they should be replaced when you notice wear. At some point, you may need to replace your mag springs, recoil springs or extractor springs. Let us supply the gun parts that maintain your Glock as a tried and true companion.