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Glock 41 .45ACP - GEN 4

The newest practical/tactical Glock, the Glock 41 Gen 4 features a Glock 21 Gen 4 frame coupled with a reduced width slide. The extended 5 inch barrel lends to increased accuracy and performance on target. Features all the same features as other Gen 4 Glocks including a more aggressive textured grip, interchangeable backstraps, larger magazine release, and dual recoil spring system. An excellent choice for IDPA, USPSA, or law enforcement duty use. Comes with three 13RD magazines, lock, and case.

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Glock 41 Pistol

The latest development from Glock in .45 acp, the Glock 41. Engineered for superior reliability and high levels of accuracy, the Glock 41 is the perfect choice for USPSA, IDPA competition or law enforcement duty. The longer slide and sight radius provides for accurate shot placements and the perfect balance using common .45ACP rounds. The GEN 4 grip is comfortable, yet aggressive enough to keep a positive grip purchase. The Glock 41 comes standard with a 13+1 round capacity.