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Sig Sauer P220 SLIM Grips, Black Polymer

Price: $15.95

SKU: 1200206-01


Slim factory replacement grip panels for your Sig P220. These grips will not fit properly if you have the old style metal mainspring seat. Will fit P220's with the new style black plastic mainspring seat. These grips use the standard P220 grip screws and washers. No special screws required.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by coinneach
coinneach bought "Sig Sauer P220 SLIM Grips, Black Polymer" on our website
10/23/2014 - 12:32:43 AM
These grips fit my P220 perfectly and don't drag on the mainspring or any other part of the action, as I've seen reviewers on other sites complaining about. They installed in about 30 seconds and reduce the grip circumference significantly over the Hogues (note that they REQUIRE the new-style mainspring, not the old metal tab). They feel great in my hands, especially with a strip of skid tape on the front strap. Absolutely recommended. Props to TGS for their always excellent service.
Reviewed by TomTom
10/09/2014 - 12:38:06 AM
Replace E2 grips with these. E2 grips are really good but prefer straight thin grips with out swells. Wasn't sure if there would be a improvement but once installed it fit me perfect. The feel remind me of the 1911's and SW 4505 which is a big plus. So if your doing a replacement for the E2 grips with the slim grips don't forget to order the washers and screws from them too.
I want to thank Top Gun for the fast delivery. Ordered Sun. and had it by Wed.
Thanks again Top Gun!
Reviewed by Aisniper
04/11/2014 - 11:55:24 PM
I have a Sig P220 carry sas with the wood grips. While not overly huge I do enjoy a smaller grip....enter the slims! Holy cow, these are significantly thinner and just feel "right" on the handgun. I've got some pretty big mitts but these fit perfectly...slimmed it down to a 1911 style grip if that helps. Definitely worth the measly $15. Top gun is excellent also I might prices with fast shipping.