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Just wanted you to know that every time I've needed a SIG product I have been very happy with your business. I recently switched over to a full size 220 for duty and a compact carry for off-duty and once again you came through with mags for both at the best price available. About two years back I broke the trigger bar to my duty P229 DAK and you sent me one before I could even get it from SIG. I will continue to use your business and will recommend you to anyone else that owns a SIG handgun. Great Business and Great Customer Service!



1911 Holsters

The leading makers of 1911 Holsters are here. If you are searching for the time-honored tradition of leather craftsmanship in your 1911 holster, Don Hume and Milt Sparks bring you the gun accessory for comfortable carry and rapid access, inside and outside the waistband. Our line of 1911 leather holsters features the shine of natural black and brown leather that will stand the test of time. For those shooters who want to step outside traditional leather, we offer holsters for 1911s made from innovative materials. See our iTAC and Blade Tech holsters for quality options. All our 1911 holsters support smooth draws and provide effective retention during movement.

Handcrafted Leather Holsters for Your 1911 Gun

Experience the excellence of handcrafted Leather Holsters for your 1911 gun. Milt Sparks makes popular strong side only, inside-the-waistband leather 1911holsters with interchangeable belt loops. Special loop spacing creates a flatter profile and helps to ensure the 1911 gun will not shift during activity. All Milt Sparks IWB holsters have metal mouth reinforcement for ease of a one-handed re-holster. Be confident in comfortable gun stability when you purchase a well-designed leather holster for your 1911 gun.

1911 Leather Gun Holsters from Don Hume for Concealed Carry

We can supply you with the dependable workmanship of outside-the-waistband 1911 Leather Gun Holsters from Don Hume. These Don Hume holsters fit three and five-inch 1911 guns, plus the Commander and Colt Officer models. Locate the right leather holster for your 1911 and own an accessory that functions as good as it looks. These are open-top 1911 leather gun holsters from Don Hume designed especially for concealed carry. A beneficial slide guard adds an effective element of protection for the body. If you want the look of leather, you’ve arrived at the perfect place.