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Just wanted you to know that every time I've needed a SIG product I have been very happy with your business. I recently switched over to a full size 220 for duty and a compact carry for off-duty and once again you came through with mags for both at the best price available. About two years back I broke the trigger bar to my duty P229 DAK and you sent me one before I could even get it from SIG. I will continue to use your business and will recommend you to anyone else that owns a SIG handgun. Great Business and Great Customer Service!


Caliber X Change Kits

Do a super switch on the calibers in your Sig Sauer pistol with Caliber X Change Kits. These are factory conversion kits that give you the firearms flexibility to convert your classic Sig Sauer .22 pistol to another caliber. For example, easily swap out the slide assembly, barrel, recoil system, and magazine on your P220, 2-Step .22lr to a standard .45 caliber. Or you could adapt your classic P226 to a .357SIG by using the components in a Caliber X-Change Kit. You also can swap out calibers in your Sig Sauer P250 to 9mm, .40S&W, .357SIG or .45ACP. The 250 compact, full size and subcompact handguns can be converted with a factory package. Look through our caliber conversion options to broaden your training and shooting expertise. Remember, hard-to-find factory items are available here, including original kits and Sig Sauer conversion barrels.

Sig Caliber X Change for Two Trustworthy Pistols in One

Is it time for a change at the range? You’ll have no worries when performing a Sig Caliber X Change. The conversion won’t affect the reliability or accuracy of the original components or conversion assembly, and you’ll gain shooting access to two types of pistols in one unit. Fire the pistol you’re comfortable with using, while varying the performance and experience. Look for a complete factory Sig Caliber X-Change kit that includes a black slide assembly with night sights, barrel in a specified caliber, recoil spring, guide rod, magazine and hard carrying case. The slide is protected by a durable Nitron finish that helps prevent corrosion. When you order genuine Sig Sauer firearms accessories from us, they arrive with an outstanding reputation for quality equipment. And since these kits are gun parts and not classified as a firearm, they ship straight to you!