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AR-15 Slings

Adjustable, ambidextrous and affordable AR-15 Slings allow you to take your rifle into a variety of shooting situations with confidence. We carry the rugged slings from Blackhawk, a company focused on special operations gear. A BlackHawk single point bungee sling gives wearers the advantages of both stability and support. Examine the specific features of our AR-15 slings, such as quick weapons release, ease of adjustment, extra strong construction and various sling mount capabilities, to determine your preferred accessory. We’re knowledgeable about professional level gear, from tactical lights to gun sights, so contact us to learn more.

AR-15 Rifle Slings Designed for Varied Shooting Scenarios

One, two or three-point AR-15 Rifle Slings are designed for combat, tactical, and self defense scenarios. You may be looking for a two-point carbine sling that will fit a rifle with side sling swivels or searching for a tactical sling that works as a single or double point. Our slings come in a range of styles and prices, but they stand out with durable hardware, reinforced stitching, and attractive warranties. Your rifle goes safely across your body in a sling of superior construction. Make sure your AR-15 rifle sling adapts to your requirements from shooting in tight spots to secondary weapons carry.

AR-15 Tactical Slings for Mission Success

Flexibility is essential in AR-15 tactical slings. Though a sling involves personal choice, our AR-15 tactical slings support accuracy in varied shooting stances and carrying conditions. Smart designs and superior workmanship are especially important in the tactical sling. Instantaneous, pull-tab adjustments can be attained, even when you’re on the move, with the right combat rifle sling. Tactical designs provide ambidextrous carry, padded comfort that fits over body armor, a range of shooting positions and mounting flexibility.