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AK 47 Magazines

If you own one of the most widely used rifles in the world, we have magazines for you. We stock AK 47 Magazines for your assault rifle in both steel and the new generation of polymer materials. These AK 47 magazines are brand new, quality constructed products that you can depend on for reliability and consistency. The AK-47 30-round magazines chambered in 7.62 × 39mm come in ultra strong polymer with the reinforcement of steel floor plates. They’re dense and rugged enough to fire the legendary firearm, and the polymer resists heat, dirt and rust. The AK 47s were produced to perform under challenging conditions, and we also have the all-steel style magazines made to support their operation. Steel is the classic way to feed this rifle and the bases and springs on these mags are strong. With either the polymer or all-steel, you get an AK 47 magazine that’s ready for action. When you’re done shooting, protect your rifle with the proper gun storage, available here.

An AK 47 Rifle Magazine in Lightweight Polymer or Tough Steel

if you need an AK 47 rifle magazine, there’s no need to compromise on quality. You don’t have to order AK mags that are “almost new.” We have the new, hard-to-find rifle magazines from Bulgaria and Romania that are constructed to function efficiently in your AK-47. Choose between a combination of steel and polymer construction or total steel construction. If you carry a lot of magazines, polymer lightens your load. Though heavier, the traditional steel AK 47 rifle magazines are built for fit and function. They’ve established a performance reputation in feeding the AK. We sell AK 47s in the rifles section of our site, as well as numerous accessories that support their action.